Electricity prices rise by 9.8% in Spain from 1st January 2011

Rising Electricity Prices in Spain

The rise is only for the 17 million Spanish households that rely on the so-called “price of last resort”, the only one still set by the government after the sector was liberalized in recent years. This price is available only to households using less than 10 kilowatt-hours that decline to negotiate directly with power companies, so the chances are this change will not effect you.

According to the Household Energy Price Index, costs for electricity have been rising throughout Europe in 2010 to the highest prices for some years. Spain is ranked as 6th most expensive with the UK down in 12th, so you will notice that you pay a higher price in Spain than you may be used to if you’re from the UK.

Generally, if you’re based in Andalucia, you will need to connect your Spanish property to the grid by contacting Endesa, the biggest supplier in the region.

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